Eugene City Swim Club

After much debate, we decided to re-establish the original records as they were before we merged with the Y in 2010 as our starting point for moving forward. 

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Open Meter Records

01Erika Wirth27.1550 Free24.05Josh Jordan99
98Rachel Joseph58.29100 Free52.62Josh Jordan99
98Rachel Joseph2:03.66200 Free1:57.43Lea Bonebrake99
98Rachel Joseph4:24.32400 Free4:19.26Ben Brink99
98Rachel Joseph9:03.82800 Free8:59.69Kaili Mauricio
98Rachel Joseph17.22.691500 Free17:06.46Sam Rowan06
98Rachel Joseph1:02.89*100 Back1:00.75Lea Bonebrake99
98Rachel Joseph2:12.40*200 Back2:12.93Lea Bonebrake99
08Ingrid Woeful1:15.92100 Breast1:05.97Ben Brink99
07Carly Rowan2:42.81200 Breast2:19.54Sam Rowan08
01Erika Wirth1:04.24100 Fly55.59Josh Jordan99
98Rachel Joseph2:23.87200 Fly2:16.51Ben Brink99
98Rachel Joseph2:19.89200 IM2:06.86Ben Brink99
98Rachel Joseph5:02.85400 IM4:32.37Ben Brink99

*Indicates State Record Achievement

Open Yard Records

99Erika Wirth23.8050 Free20.42 Josh Jordan 99
99Rachel Joseph51.18100 Free44.94Josh Jordan 99
99Rachel Joseph1:49.14200 Free1:39.75 Josh Jordan 99
99Rachel Joseph4:51.95 500 Free4:38.13 Ben Brink 99
99Rachel Joseph10:04.04 1000 Free9:40.23 Ben Brink 99
99Rachel Joseph17:01.54 1650 Free16:23.27 Kurt Fry
99Rachel Joseph55.59 100 Back51.36 Ben Brink 99
99Rachel Joseph1:58.16 200 Back1:51.83 Sam Rowan 09
99Rachel Joseph1:06.14 100 Breast
56.51Sam Rowan 09
99Rachel Joseph2:23.00 200 Breast2:04.24 Ben Brink 99
99Michele King56.49 100 Fly48.26*Josh Jordan 99
99Laura Fay2:09.88 200 Fly1:54.55Josh Jordan 99
99Rachel Joseph2:02.53 200 IM1:49.50 Ben Brink 99
99Rachel Joseph4:23.70 400 IM3:52.21Sam Rowan 09

*Indicates State Record Achievement

17 & 18 Yard Records

09Sylvie Peterson23.8750 Free20.79 Dan Orre 98
98Rachel Joseph51.18100 Free46.12 Dan Orre 98
98Rachel Joseph1:49.14200 Free1:41.81 Bob Wiltse
98Rachel Joseph4:51.95 500 Free4:38.13 Ben Brink 98
98Adriana Quirke10:37.42 1000 Free9:40.23 Ben Brink 98
01Adriana Quirke18:03.75 1650 Free16:23.27 Kurt Fry 98
98Rachel Joseph55.59 100 Back51.36 Ben Brink 98
98Rachel Joseph1:58.16 200 Back1:51.83Sam Rowan 09
09Aimee Osterberg1:06.43100 Breast
56.51Sam Rowan 09
98Rachel Joseph2:23.00 200 Breast2:01.39Sam Rowan 09
03Michele King56.49 100 Fly50.14 James Gilmore 09
01Laura Fay2:09.88 200 Fly1:55.28 Ben Brink 98
98Rachel Joseph2:02.53 200 IM1:49.50 Ben Brink 98
98Rachel Joseph4:23.70 400 IM3:59.91 Ben Brink 98

*Indicates State Record Achievement

17 & 18 Meter Records

96Laura Joseph27.6650 Free25.04Seth Johnston87
96Rachel Joseph58.29100 Free53.73Seth Johnston87
96Rachel Joseph2:03.66200 Free1:59.33Lea Bonebrake87
96Rachel Joseph4:24.32400 Free4:20.02Ben Brink00
96Rachel Joseph9:03.82800 Free8:59.69Kurt Fry
96Rachel Joseph17.24.581500 Free17:06.46Kurt Fry
96Rachel Joseph1:02.89*100 Back1:02.08Lea Bonebrake99
96Rachel Joseph2:12.40*200 Back2:14.16Lea Bonebrake99
08Ingrid Woeful1:15.92100 Breast1:05.81Sam Rowan09
07Carly Rowan2:42.81200 Breast2:19.54Sam Rowan09
96Laura Fay1:04.39100 Fly58.07James Gilmore09
96Rachel Joseph2:23.87200 Fly2:16.51James Gilmore09
96Rachel Joseph2:21.19200 IM2:06.86Ben Brink00
96Rachel Joseph5:02.85400 IM4:33.28Sam Rowan09

*Indicates State Record Achievement

15 & 16 Yard Records

96Rachel Joseph24.0950 Free21.17Seth Johnston88
96Rachel Joseph51.51100 Free46.47Seth Johnston88
96Rachel Joseph1:50.80200 Free1:43.59Seth Johnston88
96Rachel Joseph4:52.23500 Free4:40.72Ben Brink99
96Rachel Joseph10:04.041000 Free9:40.20Ben Brink99
96Rachel Joseph17:01.541650 Free16:28.77 Sam Rowan07
Annie Joseph56.99100 Back52.59 Ben Brink99
96Rachel Joseph2:01.59200 Back1:54.17 Ben Brink99
96Rachel Joseph1:06.14100 Breast
58.07 Ben Brink99
96Rachel Joseph2:23.97200 Breast2:04.24Ben Brink99
Michele King58.32100 Fly52.52 Ben Brink99
96Rachel Joseph2:10.65200 Fly1:56.14 Michael Rubottom
96Rachel Joseph2:05.45200 IM1:51.54 Ben Brink99
96Rachel Joseph4:31.31400 IM3:58.93 Ben Brink99

*Indicates State Record Achievement

15 & 16 Meter Records

94Rachel Joseph27.4550 Free25.04Seth Johnston
94Rachel Joseph58.50100 Free53.73Dustin Jessup95
94Rachel Joseph2:04.05200 Free1:59.33Seth Johnston
95Rachel Joseph4:25.08400 Free4:20.02Seth Johnston
95Rachel Joseph9:15.19800 Free8:59.69Kaili Mauricio
95Rachel Joseph17.22.591500 Free17:06.46Sam Rowan06
95Rachel Joseph1:03.58100 Back1:02.08Ben Brink98
95Rachel Joseph2:13.42200 Back2:14.16Ben Lepp98
95Rachel Joseph1:18.29100 Breast1:07.28Sam Rowan08
06Carly Rowan2:44.79200 Breast2:22.05Sam Rowan08
98Laura Fay1:06.03100 Fly59.43Micheal Rubottom
01Candice Aguilar2:28.20200 Fly2:16.51Ben Brink98
95Rachel Joseph2:19.89200 IM2:08.09Ben Brink98
95Rachel Joseph5:06.41400 IM4:32.37Ben Brink98

*Indicates State Record Achievement

13 & 14 Yard Records

95Rachel Auwae 24.5050 Free22.24Seth Johnston86
95Rachel Auwae 52.54100 Free48.88Seth Johnston86
92Rachel Joseph 1:53.75200 Free1:45.67*Seth Johnston86
92Rachel Joseph4:57.13500 Free4:52.08Sam Rowan06
95Annie Joseph 10:36.051000 Free10:02.88Seth Johnston85
92Rachel Joseph 18:01.611650 Free16:46.48Seth Johnston85
96Tara Berringer57.00100 Back53.37Ben Brink96
96Tara Berringer 2:03.82200 Back1:57.37Ben Brink96
03Chandell Monteleone 1:08.41100 Breast
1:01.01*Seth Johnston85
92Rachel Joseph 2:30.50200 Breast2:07.49*Ben Brink96
92Rachel Joseph 58.65100 Fly54.80Seth Johnston86
92Rachel Joseph 2:11.22200 Fly2:06.66Michael Rubottom89
92Rachel Joseph 2:07.62200 IM1:54.40Ben Brink96
92Rachel Joseph4:35.05400 IM4:07.09Ben Brink96

*Indicates State Record Achievement

13 & 14 Meter Records

95Rachel Auwae27.6750 Free25.43*Seth Johnston85
91Rachel Joseph59.53100 Free55.53Ben Brink96
91Rachel Joseph2:08.05200 Free2:01.30*Seth Johnston85
91Rachel Joseph4:27.82400 Free4:22.42Seth Johnston85
91Rachel Joseph9:26.22800 Free9:15.94Seth Johnston85
91Rachel Joseph18:28.651500 Free17:36.16Seth Johnston85
91Rachel Joseph1:04.69100 Back1:07.05Ben Brink96
91Rachel Joseph2:18.19200 Back2:22.06Ben Brink96
91Rachel Joseph1:20.62100 Breast
1:10.98Ben Brink96
08Lindsey Gilmore2:52.71200 Breast2:27.38Ben Brink96
95Annie Joseph1:06.40100 Fly1:03.19Seth Johnston85
93Candice Aguilar2:24.28200 Fly2:34.98Seth Johnston84
91Rachel Joseph2:22.89200 IM2:12.50*Ben Brink95
91Rachel Joseph5:11.51400 IM4:46.03*Ben Brink95

*Indicates State Record Achievement

11 & 12 Yard Records

93Rachel Auwae 25.1050 Free23.92*Seth Johnston84
94Annie Joseph 54.49100 Free51.88*Seth Johnston84
94Annie Joseph 1:57.76200 Free1:55.44Seth Johnston84
94Annie Joseph 5:15.64500 Free4:59.25Seth Johnston84
08Regan Shattuck-
12:30.671000 Free14:37.16Thor Woelful06
94Annie Joseph 18:44.321650 Free17.02.47*Seth Johnston84
94Annie Joseph 28.5950 Back27.43Ben Brink94
94Annie Joseph1:01.16100 Back59.26Ben Brink94
07Alexis Kronberger 2:21.18200 Back2:23.15Sam Rowan04
86Sarah Johnston 32.6050 Breast30.63*Seth Johnston84
86Sarah Johnston 1:10.26100 Breast
1:05.16*Seth Johnston84
08Regan Shattuck-
2:43.84200 Breast2:41.13Sam Rowan04
94Michele King 27.9450 Fly26.38Seth Johnston84
92Candice Aguilar 1:01.89100 Fly58.64Seth Johnston84
07Elise Miner 2:31.37200 Fly3:19.28David Perlow07
90Rachel Joseph 1:02.17100 IM58.53*Seth Johnston84
90Rachel Joseph 2:12.34200 IM2:06.21Ben Brink94
07Elise Miner5:25.62400 IM5:08.98Sam Rowan04

*Indicates State Record Achievement

11 & 12 Meter Records

93Rachel Auwae28.20*50 Free27.74*Jason Peterson82
93Rachel Auwae1:02.20100 Free1:02.04Seth Johnston83
91Candice Aguilar2:14.05200 Free2:11.82Seth Johnston83
93Annie Joseph4:46.46400 Free4:37.60Seth Johnston83
07Alexis Kronberger11:15.29800 Free12:26.52Thor Woelful06
84Sarah Johnston21:45.381500 Free18:36.19*Seth Johnston83
93Rachel Auwae32.48*50 Back31.82*Ben Brink93
93Rachel Auwae1:10.51100 Back1:10.62Ben Brink93
07Alexis Kronberger2:42.15200 Back2:54.47Sam Rowan03
89Rachel Joseph37.6450 Breast36.00*Seth Johnston83
89Rachel Joseph1:21.90100 Breast
1:18.44*Seth Johnston83
09Shayla Archer3:01.18200 Breast3:14.49Sam Braziel08
Rachel Joseph
Candice Aguilar
50 Fly31.40Seth Johnston83
91Candice Aguilar1:09.50100 Fly1:09.62Seth Johnston83
07Elise Miner3:01.94200 Fly
89Rachel Joseph2:30.97200 IM2:29.56Ben Brink93
07Alexis Kronberger5:55.58400 IM7:18.88Thor Woeful06

*Indicates State Record Achievement

9 & 10 Yard Records

84Sarah Johnston27.8650 Free27.51Seth Johnston82
92Annie Joseph1:01.43100 Free59.79Seth Johnston82
93Annie Joseph2:16.55200 Free2:11.47Seth Johnston81
83Sarah Johnston6:11.61500 Free5:43.87Seth Johnston81
84Sarah Johnston30.0850 Fly29.95Eric Swinn95
84Sarah Johnston1:07.09100 Fly1:08.45Eric Swinn95
92Rachel Auwae31.74*50 Back30.94Eric Swinn95
83Sarah Johnston1:10.61100 Back1:07.34Eric Swinn95
98Chandell Monteleone35.5950 Breast33.01*Dustin Sprick89
83Sarah Johnston1:19.31100 Breast
1:13.61*Dustin Sprick89
84Sarah Johnston1:08.78100 IM1:09.08Ben Brink91
84Sarah Johnston2:26.80
200 IM2:32.39
Ben Brink91

*Indicates State Record Achievement 

9 & 10 Meter Records

83Sarah Johnston31.4250 Free31.22Seth Johnston81
83Sarah Johnston1:09.11100 Free1:08.81Seth Johnston81
83Sarah Johnston2:31.53200 Free2:26.51Seth Johnston81
83Sarah Johnston5:34.64400 Free5:23.42Seth Johnston81
92Rachel Auwae36.0750 Back35.72Eric Swinn95
95Adriana Quirke1:19.26100 Back1:20.91Eric Swinn95
83Sarah Johnston41.2950 Breast40.04Ben Brink91
83Sarah Johnston1:32.24100 Breast1:30.97Ben Brink91
89Candice Aguilar33.6950 Fly32.71Todd Ledford81
82Sarah Johnston1:18.11100 Fly
1:15.32Todd Ledford81
83Sarah Johnston2.46.96200 IM2:56.69Ben Brink91

*Indicates State Record Achievement

8 & Under Meter Records

82Sarah Johnston34.5150 Free37.35Dan Orre89
82Sarah Johnston1:17.46100 Free1:22.61Dan Orre89
82Sarah Johnston2:53.39200 Free3:36.09Eric Dallas80
82Sarah Johnston39.0750 Fly45.62Dan Orre89
82Sarah Johnston1:31.13100 Fly2:29.20Stefan Crabtree92
92*94?Adriana Quirke41.2850 Back44.49Seth Johnston79
82Sarah Johnston1:34.45100 Back1:59.94
Sean Morla83
82Sarah Johnston47.5050 Breast51.32Dustin Sprick88
82Sarah Johnston1:46.75100 Breast
2:16.35Stephen Bramwell86
82Sarah Johnston3:11.71200 IM4:02.68
Stefan Crabtree92

*Indicates State Record Achievement 

8 & Under Yard Records

82Sarah Johnston13.51*25 Free14.45Seth Johnston80
82Sarah Johnston29.51*50 Free31.34Seth Johnston80
82Sarah Johnston1:07.34*100 Free1:08.60*Seth Johnston79
82Sarah Johnston2:28.17200 Free2:38.66*Seth Johnston90
94Adriana Quirke15.6025 Fly16.33Peter Nosler82
92Sarah Johnston34.7150 Fly39.10Peter Nosler82
90Annie Joseph1:22.39100 Fly1:55.26Peter Nosler81
92Adriana Quirke17.2125 Back17.31Seth Johnston80
82Sarah Johnston38.4750 Back38.65Sam Rowan20
82Sarah Johnston1:24.57*100 Back1:23.84Seth Johnston80
82Sarah Johnston19.1525 Breast
20.11Peter Nosler82
82Sarah Johnston42.1050 Breast42.70Dustin Sprick87
82Sarah Johnston1:31.82100 Breast1:36.89Dustin Sprick87
82Sarah Johnston1:17.56*100 IM1:22.84Seth Johnston80
82Sarah Johnston
200 IM3:17.91
Ace Blair80

*Indicates State Record Achievement