Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are many questions in regard to participating in team sports, so we hope the following list will be helpful. If there is a question that is not answered here, please feel free to submit a question using the contact form, or contact Scott Kerr.

No, but your swimmer should be comfortable in the water and have a strong desire to learn. The overall goal of being on a swim team is not strictly for the social aspects, but to grow as a strong competitor. 

We now have several groups based on age and ability, and billing is on a month-to-month basis ranging from $70-$125. Call for more information: 458-201-0999. 

Additionally, USA Swimming requires annual membership of $74 that is billed with registration. USA Swimming now has different levels of membership depending on your participation needs, so the fee could vary depending on your needs. 

There are no pool admission fees.

There are no “required fundraising” fees.

There are no “add-on” administration fees. 70

We do not currently have scholarships available at this time, but it is something that is currently being developed and we hope to have an assistance program in place by March 2020! 

Swim meet expenses are determined by the team hosting the meet. Generally there is an overall “per swimmer” fee that goes to Oregon Swimming and helps pay for the facility, and then additional fees per event that can range anywhere from free to $3.00(ish).  

Traveling to more distant meets might include expenses for hotel, food, airplane, etc. When traveling as a team, we try to arrange group rates for hotels, transportation, and fun activities to help keep the costs lower. Most of the time, traveling and lodging is up to each family. Meets are not required, but they are fun!

USA Swimming registration can not be pro-rated.

ECSC does not require or hold you accountable for the entire season upon registration (though you are welcome to pay in full if you wish). We bill on a month-to-month basis and require a 30-day notice if you want to pause your membership (…while swimming high school for example, if you don’t wish to swim mornings).    

We have an online registration system that is separate from our website (Contact coaches Scott or Tia for the current registration link).

Upon registering, you will set up your account with your personal information and set up whatever payment schedule works best for you. You or your swimmer(s) will also use this account to sign up for swim meets. Meet fees will be generated based on what you want to swim, and will be automatically billed to your account. This system also links directly with the USA Swimming data base so all your best times are readily available. (If you don’t have times in the database, you will soon enough!) 

All of your account information is available to you at any time in your swimmer’s account. 

Nope! We’ve made special arrangements with Eugene Swim and Tennis and your limited membership is included with your ECSC registration.

This arrangement gives you access to the pool and outdoor changing rooms during our practice times only. You must also get a key card at the front desk so you can check in and out of the property. 

As a member of ECSC, you do not have to pay any sort of additional entry or membership for access to the pools for practice.  

We practice at Eugene Swim and Tennis, Sheldon, Amazon, and Echo Hollow. Contact Scott Kerr for the current practice schedule. (contact info below)

As often as possible if you want to see improvement. However, medical issues and taper play a big part in recovery and racing psychology. Basically- talk to your coach!

We currently do not have any volunteer requirements! 

Sometimes we are assigned lanes for timing at swim meets (this is becoming more common), and we ask parents who are able to attend these meets to chip in when available.  


We are incredibly grateful for our sponsors who help keep the costs and requirements at a minimum for our families.

Once in a while we have team dinners in which ECSC gets a percentage kickback. 

We’ve also discovered that when parents aren’t so burnt out with fundraising, they are far more creative and willing to help find ways to raise money for the general budget, travel, scholarship, and fun funds. We sincerely hope to keep it this way as long as we can! We really do have an AMAZING group of families (past and present) supporting us in every way. 

Call Scott Kerr, our head coach:  458-201-0999

Or reach him by email: swimecsc@yahoo.com

If you’d like to try us out…

Call Scott! We swim in multiple locations, so please make arrangements with Scott so he can tell you where and when.